Week 12 college football picks … stop picking on me!


picks college footballOn paper,  this week should be the easiest week to pick college football games. Way too many top teams playing weaker opponents, including Alabama (just a little rat poison there).

The Citadel at Clemson, Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn, Michigan at Wisconsin … it’s pathetic, really.

On with the picks …

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Week 11 college football picks … them’s fightin’ words

fan fight college football picks Week 11Early warning to be prepared for some knockdown, dragged-out fights this weekend.

Notre Dame-Miami, Georgia-Auburn, Clemson-Florida State … yeah, those are big games. But I’m talking about the altercations involving fans. If this Saturday is anything like last Saturday, well, now we’re really talking “Bedlam.”

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Week 10 college football picks … again with the ‘poison,’ Nick?

College football picks Saban poisonSo last week Jim McElwain claims his Florida players and coaches were receiving death threats, which were never substantiated by the university. By Sunday, he was no longer the Gators’ head coach.

This week Alabama coach Nick Saban is once again saying his players are being fed  “poison” by the media. And … nothing! Yeah, that’s right. … He’s still the head coach.

At his weekly press conference on Monday, Saban was clear: “If our players think anything of (the college football playoff poll), then that could be an issue. These are the things we try to categorize as the poison that you really don’t want your players to be focused on.”

I say, “Double standard!” Perhaps Alabama needs to consider a Saban buyout.

But seriously, though, if McElwain beats Georgia on Saturday — instead of being worked, 42-7 — no doubt Florida officials would conveniently excuse the phantom death threats. As the saying goes: Winning cures all ills … including outrageous public claims and doses of “poison.”

On with the picks …

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Week 7 college football picks … the latest dose of ‘poison’

College football picks Poison Nick Saban thinking
Poison — a band and something the media keeps giving to Nick Saban’s players

Remember when Alabama coach Nick Saban said he didn’t even know “Why do we even play?” because of all of the predictions and picking and thinking by the media.

Well, now he’s sick of the “poison” the media has been giving his players.

After Texas A&M made it uncomfortable, the top-ranked Crimson Tide prevailed, 27-19, at College Station, Texas.

A venting Saban said after the game:

“I’m trying to get our players to listen to me instead of listening to you guys. All that stuff you write about how good we are. All that stuff they hear on ESPN. It’s like poison. …  It’s like taking poison. … Like rat poison.”

His team is ranked No. 1, and Nick Saban says praising his players is like giving them poison? Well, I guess it’s like when you have a rose and it has a thorn. You know, just like every night has its dawn. Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song. … Just listen to the Poison, players, unplugged …

And here’s another dose of poison for all you players out there … as I make my picks for Week 7 of the college football season.


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Week 3 college football picks … ‘Here on the field … and up close’

Sergio Dipp college picks
(YouTube.com) Making football picks like a Sergio


“Coach, it sure is a pleasure to be here with you guys … here on the field … and up close … just watching … Coach Vance Joseph …”

Leave Sergio alone. That’s exactly how he was trained at ESPN. Just talk into the microphone and try not to think. And THAT’s what not thinking looks like.

Just imagine — that’s my brain functioning as I make these college football picks.  Just like Sergio Dipp.

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Week 2 college football picks … ‘Your next move is crucial’

Jim Harbaugh, sans shirt …. He wasn’t thinking

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh gave quarterback Wilton Speight the ultimatum after a mediocre first half against Florida in Week 1.

Said Harbaugh: “Your next move is crucial, and it can go one or two ways.”

I feel you, Wilton. I didn’t struggle like you did (picked 70 winners out of 82 games; 85 percent) in my Week 1 picks — without even thinking — but I benefited from a lot of one-sided games. Making picks for Week 2 — again, without even thinking — might be tough. My next move is crucial.

But, then again, I’m still not thinking about it, so it should be about the same.

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Not just a Nutt job: Houston files suit against Ole Miss

Houston Nutt
Houston Nutt (youtube.com)

Perhaps it was too easy for Ole Miss to say, “Problems? … We have a Houston.”

Former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt filed a federal lawsuit against his former school. He is claiming current Rebels coach Hugh Freeze, athletic director Ross Bjork and sports information director Kyle Campbell conducted a campaign to pin most of the school’s current NCAA violations on him

Ole Miss is being investigated by the NCAA for multiple violations that have occurred under both Nutt and Freeze.
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No collusion between Tuberville and ‘Siberia’


A few weeks ago, former Cincinnati, Ole Miss, Auburn and Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville announced he would not be running for governor of Alabama.

After statements he made the other day, don’t expect him to run for governor of Texas either.

Tuberville told the Rick & Bubba radio show when he left Auburn and landed in Lubbock, Texas, he felt like he was in “Siberia.”

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Monday headlines: QB Class of 2012 a major fail?

Jameis Winston arguably is the lone bright star from Class of 2012.
Jameis Winston arguably is the lone bright star from Class of 2012.

It has been obvious for quite awhile that successful college football teams are quarterback-driven. Because of that, the recruiters battle hard every year to get the best QB to sign.

A story in SBNation.com suggests the recruiters coming after the cream of the 2012 crop might have been battling for nothing.

Outside of Heisman winner Jameis Winston, the rest of the class was a big disappointment.

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Thursday’s college football headlines: Dapper Cam

Cam and his crew

Former Auburn Heisman winner Cam Newton was showing off his sense of style once again, this time at the 2017 Met Gala in New York on Monday night.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback had sort of a Prince-meets-Mr. Peanut look. Newton wasn’t the only athlete at the annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an event usually attended by celebrities from fashion, music, and film.

Tom Brady, Jeff Gordon, Julian Edelman, Roger Federer and Alex Rodriguez were among the athletes in attendance.

Games on social media continues: Twitter will air Conference USA games during the 2017 season. From a report on UnderdogDynasty.com, as a result from the American Sports Network, Campus Insiders, and 120 Sports merger in April, a network called STADIUM has been created. STADIUM will air Conference USA games through Twitter this fall.  Continue reading “Thursday’s college football headlines: Dapper Cam”