Angry, angry fans: So which coach really gets fired first?

Angry fans, fired coachesWhoa. Week 3 and almost a half-dozen coaches are in the crosshairs of their respective fans. Maybe more.

And a couple of them actually won on Saturday.

But instead of going to a window and yelling “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” they do the usual and turned to social media.

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On-The-Way-Out-West: Odds are against Pac-12 coaches

Pac-12Sensing a little Pac-12 bias in these odds. And that’s a bad thing for the conference. has placed odds on which coach will get fired first this season (not counting Hugh Freeze). The top three coaches are from the Pac-12.

And you can bet the athletic directors from those three schools have Chip Kelly’s number on speed dial.

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