Week 14 college football picks … the picks of Champions

College Football Playoff logoOne more season ending with five Power Five conference championships deciding four College Football Playoff spots. One conference, possibly two, will be left out in the cold.

I’ve suggested this before, but one solution could be having Power Five conference semifinals, and using those semifinals as part of an expanded College Football Playoffs.

The CFP would be for only the Power Five conference champions and one wild-card team. The champion would be determined from the top two teams in the divisions within the conference (so that means each conference would need to have two divisions).

The other non-semifinal conference teams would be paired for inter-divisional games on a TBD campus on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving or on the Thursday and Friday before championship Saturday.

How would this whole thing work?

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Week 6 college football picks … watch where you’re kicking, man

not thinking college football picksWhen it comes to punting, the best direction is to go up. Straight up, if possible. Last Saturday, Tennessee punter Trevor Daniel decide to go straight up in a different way. He decided to go straight up a teammate’s tush. And he missed, hitting Georgia’s D’Andre Walker.

It wasn’t the thing that lost the game 41-0 game to Georgia, but it sort of epitomized it.

It was a beautiful moment of not thinking, something I will try to emulate as I make my picks for Week 6 of the college football season.

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Week 2 college football picks … ‘Your next move is crucial’

Jim Harbaugh, sans shirt …. He wasn’t thinking

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh gave quarterback Wilton Speight the ultimatum after a mediocre first half against Florida in Week 1.

Said Harbaugh: “Your next move is crucial, and it can go one or two ways.”

I feel you, Wilton. I didn’t struggle like you did (picked 70 winners out of 82 games; 85 percent) in my Week 1 picks — without even thinking — but I benefited from a lot of one-sided games. Making picks for Week 2 — again, without even thinking — might be tough. My next move is crucial.

But, then again, I’m still not thinking about it, so it should be about the same.

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