Week 2 college football picks … ‘Your next move is crucial’

Jim Harbaugh, sans shirt …. He wasn’t thinking

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh gave quarterback Wilton Speight the ultimatum after a mediocre first half against Florida in Week 1.

Said Harbaugh: “Your next move is crucial, and it can go one or two ways.”

I feel you, Wilton. I didn’t struggle like you did (picked 70 winners out of 82 games; 85 percent) in my Week 1 picks — without even thinking — but I benefited from a lot of one-sided games. Making picks for Week 2 — again, without even thinking — might be tough. My next move is crucial.

But, then again, I’m still not thinking about it, so it should be about the same.

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CFP: Tampa, Florida, is getting pumped


The College Football Playoff championship is being held in Tampa in January, and recently the College Football Playoff announced the calendar of events leading up to the big game.

Among the announced events is the 200,000-square-foot college football theme park (“Playoff Fan Central”) inside the Tampa Convention Center. The “theme park” will include football clinics for kids, pep rallies and autograph sessions. No mention of any football-themed rides. Hey, Tampa, it’s not a theme park if there are no rides. There better be rides. Just sayin’.

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