ESPN College GameDay Signs Nov. 18, 2017

College GameDay football signs Stranger ThingsTaking a look around at ESPN’s College GameDay signs from Madison, Wis., before Michigan-Wisconsin.

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My-King, Messiah, Cheeseman make 2017 Preseason All-Name Team

All-Name team members
My-King Johnson (left); Divine Deablo (right)

They might not all be good players — some might not even play — but they all have winning names.

After poring through all the rosters for the Power 5, we’ve come up with the 2017 Preseason College Football All-Name team.

One is a king, one is a prince, one is a Messiah, and one is a Cheeseman.

So even if they don’t play, may these names be remembered.

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Ohio State, SEC schools join satellite camp parade

Say satellite camp in SEC country in 2016 and you likely would get, at the very least, a piercing, angry stare.  The words “traitors” or “carpetbaggers” would have been kindest ones mentioned.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh‘s ventures into Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi in 2015 and 2016 angered the SEC faithful, but no doubt were a welcomed sight for Division I recruits and their parents.

So now, here comes the parade of satellites, one that includes some SEC teams.

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Play on Friday? Northwestern says ‘Bye, Felicia’

Bye Felicia

No one in college football can blame the Big Ten for wanting to make more money (it is a business, despite popular conjecture). But sometimes a line has to be drawn.

As part of its recent contract extension with ESPN and Fox, the Big Ten agreed to play a Friday night schedule. This was not well-received news by many of the members of the conference. Perhaps the loudest to object was Northwestern.

According to a report from The Chicago Tribune, Wildcats coach Pat Fitzgerald argued that Friday games would 1) detract from high school football and 2) disrupt his players’ class schedules. The story also pointed out that fans had concerns about work schedules, traffic and the lack of tailgate time.

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CFP solution: Why not create Power Five conference semifinals?

College Football Playoff logoWhy don’t the Power Five conferences have semifinals?

Now, don’t dismiss. Just hear me out. … You’re very quick to dismiss.

I’d like to offer a proposal for the ongoing debate about who should make it into the College Football Playoff, especially the argument about why conference champions should not be omitted. To many, the solution is to expand the CFP to six or eight teams. I’m suggesting the playoff expansion start from within the schedule of Power Five conferences.

Again, just hear me out.

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