Fan gifts: Baby, time to put on some PJs



John Steinbeck once wrote, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

And I say what good is the cold of winter without some nice pajamas to keep you warm. Even better, nice pajamas that show off your team pride. Continue reading “Fan gifts: Baby, time to put on some PJs”

Fan gift for your opponent: NCAA toaster

Michigan toasterYeah, it seems cute to wake up on a Saturday morning and make some toast with the logo of your favorite team.

But does that mean your team is “toast” before it even plays? I say don’t risk the karma. Perhaps give this as a gift to a friend who is fan of a rival team.

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Tailgate gear: Check out The Bräuler

Draft beerFull disclosure: I’m not encouraging anyone to sneak this into the stadium. But just imagine if you could.

The BRÄULER, simply put, is 64-ounce container to fill up with beer (looks like a very large thermos, one that is about a foot tall and 4.7 inches in diameter).

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Fan gifts: You just want some socks that fit


NCAA crew socksChristmas is closing in and you’re likely either going to get a tie or some socks. So why not drop a hint that you want socks that support the team?

Socks can be more than just items that cover your feet and absorb perspiration. They can let people know who you cheer for.

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Fan gifts: Putting your best football forward

Might say Ohio State below, but click here and you can order any number of teams:

Fan gifts: Heavy metal tags

If you like, tag it!

  • Measures 12-inches by 6-inches
  • Embossed for an Authentic feel
  • Add a touch of team spirit to any vehicle
  • Makes a great gift
  • Made in the USA