ESPN College GameDay signs for Oct. 7

College GameDay Signs ESPN Fort WorthTaking a look around at ESPN’s College GameDay signs from Fort Worth, Texas, before West Virginia-TCU game. So why is Baylor getting picked on?

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Angry, angry fans: So which coach really gets fired first?

Angry fans, fired coachesWhoa. Week 3 and almost a half-dozen coaches are in the crosshairs of their respective fans. Maybe more.

And a couple of them actually won on Saturday.

But instead of going to a window and yelling “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” they do the usual and turned to social media.

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ICYMI: Third and 93 for Louisiana Tech

So what play do you call on a third and 93?

It’s safe to say no playbook in the world has one. Until Saturday, no one needed one.

Louisiana Tech, with a second and goal at the Mississippi State 6 and trailing, 57-14, turned a bad snap into an 87-yard loss.

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Week 2 college football picks … ‘Your next move is crucial’

Jim Harbaugh, sans shirt …. He wasn’t thinking

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh gave quarterback Wilton Speight the ultimatum after a mediocre first half against Florida in Week 1.

Said Harbaugh: “Your next move is crucial, and it can go one or two ways.”

I feel you, Wilton. I didn’t struggle like you did (picked 70 winners out of 82 games; 85 percent) in my Week 1 picks — without even thinking — but I benefited from a lot of one-sided games. Making picks for Week 2 — again, without even thinking — might be tough. My next move is crucial.

But, then again, I’m still not thinking about it, so it should be about the same.

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Ref to ESPN’s Cubelic: I don’t play that

CubelicCole Cubelic came close to being penalized during the Florida A&M-Arkansas game Thursday night in Little Rock, Ark., and he wasn’t even playing.

Reporting from the sideline and trying to demonstrate how to get out of a three-point stance, Cubelic backed into the side judge. Side judge was immediately unamused … but seemed to calm down when he saw the microphone.

Week 1 college football picks … ‘Why do we even play?’

Week 1 picks
Why you guys picking games?

Nick Saban addressed rhetorically, profoundly, and angrily during a tangent/rant earlier this month to media members about predictions and picks.

Said Saban: “You guys make all these predictions about everything, about guys who are going to be great players, that have been here for two years. Who’s gonna win all the games? I don’t even know why we play. Why do we even play?”

I have no clue. I’m down with just picking who wins and not playing the games. But that’s just me. I’m clueless.

But so Nick and everyone else won’t have the desire to not play the games, I’ve decided to make my picks without even thinking. That way it won’t really feel like a prediction, even though it is.

(It’s not really prediction if you don’t think about it, right?)

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Harvey flooding forces LSU-BYU to move from Houston to New Orleans

LSU BYUThe flooding issues in Houston as a result of devastating Hurricane Harvey has forced the LSU-BYU season-opener, the AdvoCare Texas Kickoff, from Houston’s NRG Stadium to the Superdome in New Orleans.

ESPN, which will televise the Saturday, 8:30 p.m. CT contest, made the announcement Monday evening. The Advocate of Baton Rouge, La., also reported the switch.

This marks the second season in a row that weather changed the LSU schedule. Last season, Hurricane Matthew caused LSU’s game against Florida to be relocated from Gainesville, Fla., to Baton Rouge.

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Will college football’s 2017 opening weekend match 2016?

Opening weekendThe 2016 opening weekend of the college football was hyped as one of the biggest in history. And it didn’t disappoint.

Expected to be the biggest games of that weekend included:

  • Alabama vs. USC
  • Clemson at Auburn
  • LSU vs. Wisconsin
  • UCLA at Texas A&M
  • Georgia vs. North Carolina
  • Arizona vs. BYU
  • Notre Dame at Texas


But only two of those games grabbed the attention it deserved: LSU-Wisconsin and UCLA-Texas A&M. Notre Dame-Texas was a fun game to watch, but neither team looked nearly as good as advertised. Clemson struggled with Auburn but prevailed as expected (Furthermore, it went on to be national champs).

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Big Sky Conference heads to Pluto, cuts the cable

Big Sky headed to PlutoThe SEC, ACC, and the University of Texas have TV network partnerships with ESPN for the upcoming season. Pac-12 has a deal with Fox. Where did the Big Sky Conference go to get a TV deal? It’s heading to Pluto.

Pluto TV, an Internet-based TV platform, announced this weekend it is launching the Big Sky Conference Channel (Ch. 230). Pluto TV is available on AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku and PlayStation consoles.

It has more than 100 live TV channels as well as multiple music stations.
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July practices? NCAA examines 14-week schedule

Under one of the models of consideration, the schedule would remain with 12 games with two bye weeks.

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