Angry, angry Sooners ‘start clock’ on Lincoln Riley

Lincoln Riley Oklahoma Sooners Iowa State










Say, remember when Oklahoma beat Ohio State this season? Yeah, none of the Sooner faithful do either after Saturday’s 38-31 shocking loss to Big 12 opponent Iowa State. And they’re all focusing on first-year coach Lincoln Riley on social media.

As one might expect after a big loss, social media lit up with talk of “ineptness” and even “firing” after the surprise loss.

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Osborne: Other teams have expressed interest in joining Big Ten

Former Nebraska football coach and athletic director Tom Osborne says he has been approached by other teams expressing “interest” in joining the Big Ten.

Osborne didn’t mention the teams that contacted him, but the alleged buzzards circling around the Big 12 headquarters might give a hint (Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas have been rumored to be inquiring about a jump to the Big Ten for several months).

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West Virginia feels no need to fear now Grier is here

West Virginia quarterback Will Grier
West Virginia quarterback Will Grier

Got a feeling the West Virginia-Virginia Tech game could be the most intriguing of the opening weekend. Yeah, maybe even more than Alabama-Florida State.

Will Grier officially was made eligible on Tuesday for the game. Grier, you might recall, had the Gators in the top 3 in the nation and then failed a PED test ended his season and career at Florida.

PED or no PED, Grier could make a difference in the season opener against one of the top teams in the ACC this season.
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KSU’s Snyder: Transfer if you must, but no release

Bill Snyder says no to a releaseIt would be easy to say Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is telling a former player to metaphorically “get off my lawn.”

Easy because, well, Snyder is old (77). But the old man might be right in this instance.

Receiver Corey Sutton, according to a story in The Wichita Eagle, said he informed Snyder that he was leaving the school and that Snyder seemed agreeable. But when Sutton gave the university a list of 35 transfer destinations he would consider going to, KSU denied a release.

Again, he submitted transfer destinations. KSU denied a release.

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VOTE: Would you swap Jim Harbaugh for Nick Saban?

Nick Saban
What if Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh swapped jobs?
If you believe that Nick Saban is the greatest coach in college football today, you’re either an Alabama fan or you pay attention to facts.

Saban has led a team to a five national championships since 2003 (LSU after 2003 regular season; Alabama after 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015 regular seasons).

He started at LSU in 2000 and led the Tigers to the title in 2003 (game in 2004). He started at Alabama at 2007 and led the Tide to a title after 2009 season. Granted those are two schools alway have a lot of talent, but that is still quick work. And Alabama has been consistently among the top 5 recruiting schools since he has been there.

He’s done so well that a few years ago Saban reportedly turned down a lucrative offer Texas. He later denied it and said, “I’m just too damn old to start over somewhere else.”

But what if, for the 2017 season, Saban indeed started over with a new school? In fact, what if you traded him with the coach from another team? Which team would win a national title first?

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No collusion between Tuberville and ‘Siberia’


A few weeks ago, former Cincinnati, Ole Miss, Auburn and Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville announced he would not be running for governor of Alabama.

After statements he made the other day, don’t expect him to run for governor of Texas either.

Tuberville told the Rick & Bubba radio show when he left Auburn and landed in Lubbock, Texas, he felt like he was in “Siberia.”

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Friday’s college football headlines: OU OK with Big 12

OU wants to stay with Big 12
OU staying put

Despite a lot of opinions on Oklahoma leaving the Big 12, loudest of which is coming from SEC Network personality Paul Finebaum, the Sooners are claiming to happy and will remain with the Big 12.

Oklahoma president David Boren says the university doesn’t “have any plans to make a move” out of the conference.

“We’re not desperate to go anywhere else,” said Boren in a column the Tulsa World’s Guerin Emig. “We’re in pretty stable position with the Big 12.”

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Thursday’s headlines: What layoffs? All is well at ESPN

At ESPN, nothing to see here
Nothing to see here

It has been about eight days since the bloodbath at ESPN.

But gauging from what’s coming from the Disney brass, it was more of a bloodletting.

Bob Iger, the chairman and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company (ESPN’s parent company), is telling everybody to just chill, baby. 

“A lot’s been said about the cost reductions at ESPN,” Iger said to shareholders Tuesday. “We’re managing that business efficiently, we always have and always will. … When you consider ESPN has about 8,000 employees, and we reduced by about 100. … It wasn’t a particularly significant number of reductions.”

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Oklahoma State says, ‘Loss? What loss?’

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s son Gavin tweeted out this photo of Alamo Bowl rings

He’s a man, he’s 40, and he’s gonna take the record he believes he should get.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, who is closer to 50 today, had 11-2 engraved on the teams Alamo Bowl-winning rings, though the record books say the team finished 10-3.

Gundy simply is making a statement over the controversial loss to Central Michigan early in the 2016 season. CMU won the game on a Hail Mary with no time on the clock, 30-27, though it was later determined that the Chippewas never should have been given the opportunity to attempt that play.

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