Week 8 college football picks … it’s bad, but not bringing in Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick, Mike McCarthy, college football picksIt’s time to pick, again without thinking. Took a beating last week just like everyone else. But I’ve invested a lot of time into this, at least 3-5 minutes this month. So, I’m not giving up.

Already heading into Week 8, I’m still at 78 percent. That’s not horrible.

So no matter what anyone thinks, I’m not bringing in Colin Kaepernick to make my picks this week, OK? Did you read that?? I can still make it through the rest of the season without bringing in someone else.

Just like Mike McCarthy says:

Get to pickin’

Here are my picks for Week 8, again, without even thinking:

Michigan at Penn State: 42-17, Penn State. Nittany Lions’ Barkley is bigger than their bite.

Louisville at Florida State: 27-21, Louisville. Suddenly, not that big of a deal.

Syracuse at Miami: 31-21, Miami. Suddenly, a very big deal.

North Carolina at Virginia Tech: 42-17, Virginia Tech. Tar Heels will clinch a “no bowl” bid with this loss.

Oklahoma State at Texas: 35-28, Oklahoma State. Texas is going in the right direction, but Cowboys will prevail.

Oklahoma at Kansas State: 38-24, Oklahoma. Timing would have been perfect for an upset, but Iowa State kind of ruined that.

Iowa State at Texas Tech: 45-31, Texas Tech. Red Raiders will rebound from last week’s road loss.

Indiana at Michigan State: 31-27, Michigan State. Again, Indiana is much improved and wouldn’t be surprised with an upset here.

USC at Notre Dame: 27-21, Notre Dame. Just can’t see the Irish giving this one up.

Colorado at Washington State: 31-14, Washington State. Cougars return to their winning ways.

Tennessee at Alabama: Alabama, 56-0. Butch Jones could possibly save his job with an upset here … hmm, yeah. … G’bye, Butch.

LSU at Ole Miss: 38-35, Ole Miss. Upset, yes. The truth is, LSU fans are going to wish Ed Orgeron was there instead of here.

Lightning-fast picks

Now here’s some really fast, no-thinking picks, winners only:

Duke, Virginia, Georgia Tech, TCU, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Purdue, Minnesota, Utah, Oregon, Cal …

Missouri, Mississippi State, Auburn, Memphis, Connecticut, Army, Central Florida, SMU, South Florida, BYU, Western Kentucky, Marshall, Florida Atlantic, UAB, Louisiana Tech, UTSA …

Toledo, Ohio, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Buffalo, Central Michigan, Air Force, Colorado State, Utah State, Boise State, San Diego State, Arkansas State, Georgia State, Massachusetts, Appalachian State, South Alabama.

Not thinking last week: 44-15 (75 percent)
Not thinking for the season: 347-100 (78 percent)

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