Week 7 college football picks … the latest dose of ‘poison’

College football picks Poison Nick Saban thinking
Poison — a band and something the media keeps giving to Nick Saban’s players

Remember when Alabama coach Nick Saban said he didn’t even know “Why do we even play?” because of all of the predictions and picking and thinking by the media.

Well, now he’s sick of the “poison” the media has been giving his players.

After Texas A&M made it uncomfortable, the top-ranked Crimson Tide prevailed, 27-19, at College Station, Texas.

A venting Saban said after the game:

“I’m trying to get our players to listen to me instead of listening to you guys. All that stuff you write about how good we are. All that stuff they hear on ESPN. It’s like poison. …  It’s like taking poison. … Like rat poison.”

His team is ranked No. 1, and Nick Saban says praising his players is like giving them poison? Well, I guess it’s like when you have a rose and it has a thorn. You know, just like every night has its dawn. Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song. … Just listen to the Poison, players, unplugged …

And here’s another dose of poison for all you players out there … as I make my picks for Week 7 of the college football season.


Get to pickin’

Here are my picks for Week 7 — again, made without even thinking:


TCU at Kansas State: TCU, 38-21. Looked like a better game a few weeks ago.

Michigan at Indiana: Michigan 28-20. Hoosiers won’t make it easy.

N.C. State at Pitt: N.C. State, 36-17. On the road, yes, but Wolfpack will keep rolling.

Texas Tech at West Virginia: West Virginia, 45-42. Mountaineers make the most of being at home.

Purdue at Wisconsin: Wisconsin, 35-21. Boilermakers playing better than usual, but not good enough to win in Madison.

Auburn at LSU: Auburn, 45-17. If only it had been a night game in Baton Rouge, then LSU might make it closer. Like it did against Troy.

Georgia Tech at Miami: Miami, 28-13. Don’t see this Hurricane slowing down.

Oklahoma at Texas: Oklahoma, 28-24. After losing last week, I’m guessing these are some angry, angry Sooners.

Arkansas at Alabama: Alabama, 49-3. … Nick, what is it you want me to say here? C’mon, man.

Ohio State at Nebraska: Ohio State, 49-10. Again, if you can’t beat Northern Illinois at home …

Utah at USC: USC, 35-21. USC always has problems against the Utes.

Boise State at San Diego State: San Diego State, 28-14. No blue field gives Boise State a disadvantage.

Oregon at Stanford: Oregon, 35-31. Could the Pac-12 North be the toughest division in college football?

Lightning-fast picks

Now here’s some really fast, no-thinking picks, winners only:

Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, Virginia, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, Northwestern, Michigan State …

Washington State, Colorado, UCLA, Washington, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Georgia …

Connecticut, Navy, Houston, Central Florida, Tulane, South Florida, Marshall, Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, North Texas, Southern Mississippi …

Army, Western Michigan, Miami (Ohio), Northern Illinois, Ohio, Toledo, Air Force, Wyoming, Fresno State …

Colorado State, Hawaii, Troy, Louisiana, Appalachian State, Louisiana-Monroe, New Mexico State, Arkansas State.

Not thinking last week: 38-19 (67 percent)

Not thinking for the season: 303-85 (78 percent)


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