Week 6 college football picks … watch where you’re kicking, man

not thinking college football picksWhen it comes to punting, the best direction is to go up. Straight up, if possible. Last Saturday, Tennessee punter Trevor Daniel decide to go straight up in a different way. He decided to go straight up a teammate’s tush. And he missed, hitting Georgia’s D’Andre Walker.

It wasn’t the thing that lost the game 41-0 game to Georgia, but it sort of epitomized it.

It was a beautiful moment of not thinking, something I will try to emulate as I make my picks for Week 6 of the college football season.

Get to pickin’

Here are my picks for Week 6 — again, made without even thinking:

Louisville at N.C. State: Louisville, 45-42. I can see the Wolfpack keeping pace with the Cardinals, just not beating them.

Miami at Florida State: Miami, 38-10. Seminoles come back to earth after that awesome victory over … wait, Wake Forest?

West Virginia at TCU: TCU, 38-31. If Horned Frogs can beat a Cowboy, a Mountaineer won’t be a problem.

Kansas State at Texas: Texas, 28-14. Wildcats only tough game this year was against Vandy … and they lost that one.

Penn State at Northwestern: Penn State, 45-20. Northwestern had a good showing for one half last week. Gonna take two to beat the Nittany Lions.

Maryland at Ohio State: Ohio State, 42-17. Calm down, Terps. It was just Minnesota last week. Gets real quick this Saturday.

Michigan State at Michigan: Michigan, 38-17. Ain’t gonna be no punting around this time.

Wisconsin at Nebraska: Wisconsin, 42-7. Yeah, I know it’s at Lincoln. Didn’t seem to bother Northern Illinois.

Washington State at Oregon: Washington State, 35-31. Ducks could catch Cougars on a comedown, but doubtful.

Stanford at Utah: Utah, 35-28. Utes at home got this one.

LSU at Florida: Florida, 28-17. Even with the Gators having QB issues, this “homecoming” won’t be so sweet for the Tigers.

Alabama at Texas A&M: Alabama, 45-7. Hey, remember when Johnny Football beat Alabama at College Station? Yeah, that’s not going to happen this time.

Lightning-fast picks

Now here’s some really fast, no-thinking picks, winners only:

Clemson, Duke, Pitt, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Memphis, Temple, Navy, Tulsa, Houston, Central Florida, Texas Tech, Oklahoma …

Iowa, Purdue, Indiana, USC, Colorado, Washington, Auburn, South Carolina, Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, Old Dominion …

Rice, UTSA, Western Kentucky, Toledo, Ohio, Miami, Northern Illinois, Buffalo, Akron, Boise State, Utah State, Fresno State, Nevada, San Diego State, Georgia Southern, Louisiana-Monroe, Appalachian State, Idaho, Georgia State.

Not thinking last week: 44-10 (81 percent)

Not thinking for the season: 265-66 (80 percent)

One more time …

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