LSU apparently CAN afford to lose to Troy, thanks to Orgeron’s contract

LSU coach Ed Orgeron
Ed Orgeron (actor’s portrayal)

After losing to the Sun Belt League’s Troy on Saturday in Baton Rouge, La., LSU fans were ready to run Coach Ed Orgeron out of town. But to do that, it will cost the school $12 million to buy him out.

Oh, and it’s still paying his predecessor Les Miles. Combined, it would cost LSU $21 million to pay off two former coaches. That’s a lot of money to have no one coach your football team.

Suddenly, LSU is saying, “Let’s give Ed another chance.”

Orgeron a tough buy

And as Yahoo! Sports points out, LSU only has itself to blame (which is why fans started a GoFundMe account to raise money to buy out Orgeron’s contact).

So why did LSU guarantee $12 million to a person many questioned whether he could get LSU back on track?

According to Yahoo, some nameless athletic directors said it’s become the nature of the business.

From the reportAthletic directors say coaches and agents have been able to negotiate incredible buyouts by in turn giving back buyout clauses should they leave for another job before the end of the contract. While those tend to get paid by the program luring them away, at least the school gets something. It’s particularly important at mid-level programs where good coaches naturally get poached.

But it’s harder to explain why you would give a coach like Orgeron a huge buyout when there was no other team competing for him.

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