Week 3 college football picks … ‘Here on the field … and up close’

Sergio Dipp college picks
(YouTube.com) Making football picks like a Sergio


“Coach, it sure is a pleasure to be here with you guys … here on the field … and up close … just watching … Coach Vance Joseph …”

Leave Sergio alone. That’s exactly how he was trained at ESPN. Just talk into the microphone and try not to think. And THAT’s what not thinking looks like.

Just imagine — that’s my brain functioning as I make these college football picks.  Just like Sergio Dipp.

As suspected, Week 2 didn’t turn out that great, only 81 percent (down from 85 percent in Week 1).

I must have been thinking too much about not thinking.

Get to pickin’

Here are my picks, again without even thinking:

Tennessee at Florida: Florida, 28-21. A big hometown boost after a week of anxiety off the field.

Wisconsin at BYU: Wisconsin, 45-17. If I may think for just a moment … BYU is in trouble.

Tulane at Oklahoma: Oklahoma, 56-0. This game is going to be so ugly, I’ve almost started to throw up right now.

LSU at Mississippi State: LSU, 35-21. Both teams will find out they ain’t playing Charleston Southern or Chattanooga in this one. Having said that, Tigers will prevail.

Oregon at Wyoming: Oregon 44-10. Much less intriguing game than everyone thought in the preseason.

Kansas State at Vanderbilt: Kansas State, 21-17. Much more intriguing game than everyone thought in the preseason.

Kentucky at South Carolina: South Carolina, 38-10. Just a little Deebo will do ya.

Clemson at Louisville: Louisville, 27-24. Everybody raved about that Clemson defense last week. But, ugh, that Clemson offense.

USC at Texas: USC, 35-13. Fairy dust still in short supply in Austin.

Fresno State at Washington: Washington, 42-7. Poor Fresno. One week after playing at Alabama.

Stanford at San Diego State: San Diego State, 28-24. Yeah, that’s right. Upset. And for no reason at all.

Lightning-fast picks

Now here’s some really fast, no-thinking picks, winners only:

Boise State, South Florida, Temple, Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia, Iowa State, Kansa, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, UCLA …

Virginia, N.C. State, Duke, UAB, Colorado, Ball State, Wake Forest, Central Michigan, Indiana, Rutgers, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Iowa, TCU, North Carolina …

Virginia Tech, Auburn, Missouri, Ohio  State, Washington State, Buffalo, Charlotte, Florida Atlantic, Marshall, South Alabama, Appalachian State, Arkansas State, Alabama, Western Michigan …

Nevada, Western Kentucky, UTSA, Tulsa, Southern Mississippi, Northwestern, Penn State, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Arizona State, Miami (Ohio), Houston, Troy, Utah, Ole Miss.

Not thinking last week: 58-14 (81 percent)

Not thinking for the season: 128-26 (83 percent)

And now, here’s Sergio in all his non-thinking glory.

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