Week 2 college football picks … ‘Your next move is crucial’

Jim Harbaugh, sans shirt …. He wasn’t thinking

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh gave quarterback Wilton Speight the ultimatum after a mediocre first half against Florida in Week 1.

Said Harbaugh: “Your next move is crucial, and it can go one or two ways.”

I feel you, Wilton. I didn’t struggle like you did (picked 70 winners out of 82 games; 85 percent) in my Week 1 picks — without even thinking — but I benefited from a lot of one-sided games. Making picks for Week 2 — again, without even thinking — might be tough. My next move is crucial.

But, then again, I’m still not thinking about it, so it should be about the same.

Get to pickin’

Here are my picks, again without even thinking:

Oklahoma at Ohio State: Oklahoma, 32-28. Buckeyes still have questions; Sooners seem to have found answers.
Auburn at Clemson: Clemson, 24-17. If AU continues to have turnover problems, CU will turn those into points.
South Carolina at Missouri: South Carolina, 24-21. I do believe South Carolina’s defense will be better than Missouri State’s.
Stanford at USC: Stanford, 45-41. I do not believe this game is being played this early in the season.
Georgia at Notre Dame: Notre Dame, 30-24. Eason’s replacement QB could be a Georgia surprise, but playing at ND for Week 2 will be tough.
Louisville at North Carolina: Louisville, 52-45. Both struggled in Week 1, but UNC will go to 0-2.
TCU at Arkansas: TCU, 32-17. Austin Allen’s subpar performance against FAMU last week is worrisome.
Indiana at Virginia: Virginia 28-21. Would rather watch this as a basketball game.
Northwestern at Duke: Duke, 17-14. Would rather watch this as a team Jeopardy contest.

Nebraska at Oregon: Oregon 38-24. Believe in the power of Autzen.

Pittsburgh at Penn State: Penn State, 42-14. Payback for 2016.

Florida Atlantic at Wisconsin: Wisconsin, 42-10. Maybe Lane Kiffin can keep this game going until 3 a.m.

Howard at Kent State: Howard, 42-35. Bison continue to roll.

Lightning-fast picks

Now here’s some really fast, no-thinking picks, winners only:

Utah State, Purdue, Colorado State, Vanderbilt, Troy, Florida International, Miami (Ohio) …

Washington State, Army, Kansas, LSU, Michigan, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Northern Illinois, Kentucky, Rutgers …

Alabama, Wyoming, UCLA, Arizona, Tennessee, Iowa, Georgia Tech, N.C. State, Central Florida, Syracuse, Minnesota, Mississippi State …

Washington, Georgia Southern, New Mexico, Texas A&M, North Texas, Florida, Oklahoma State, Old Dominion, Rice, Arizona State, Texas …

Appalachian State, Bowling Green, Southern Miss, Colorado, Nevada, Maryland, Navy, Ball State, Akron, Tulsa, Florida State, Idaho, South Florida …

Ole Miss, Utah, UTSA (that’s right, over Baylor), Temple, Wake Forest, Cal, Michigan State, Western Kentucky, Hurricane Irma.

Record after one week of not thinking: 70-12

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