ESPN: Arkansas has unhappiest fan base in SEC

Sad ArkansasESPN recently released its “happiness index,” which uses certain criteria to gauge the fan sentiment at 128 FBS programs. No surprise Alabama tops the SEC, but, apparently, there are some sad hogs at Arkansas.

The Fan Happiness Index takes into consideration the program’s power, rivalry dominance, coaching stability, recruiting trend, revenue growth, and buzz (specifically the percentage of positive fan Tweets).

In other words, if your team has been a winner consistently for the last four seasons, then, congratulations, you and all your fellow fans are happy.

ESPN=Captain Obvious.

Ill. cures all wins

Ohio State, Florida State, and Alabama are the top 3 happiest fan bases. Some surprises, though, in the top 10 include Appalachian State (No. 10) and Northwestern (No. 9). Why Northwestern?

Coaching stability (Pat Fitzgerald), 10 wins in three out of the past five seasons, and winners of four of the past meetings against Illinois.

Wait. Illinois? 

I submit the reason Northwestern fans are happy is that the bar isn’t set that high (Illinois?).


As mentioned, the unhappiest fan base in the SEC is not probation-bound Ole Miss but Arkansas. The index suggests that the SEC West has taken its toll on the Razorback fans. Perhaps putting Illinois in the SEC West would help make everyone happy … except for Illinois.

SEC happiest-to-unhappiest: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Missouri, Auburn, Florida, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and Arkansas.

Meanwhile, the unhappiest overall? Texas State. Hey, I heard that yawn.


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