Preseason polls: Alabama, Ohio State, FSU, USC fill up top 4

Alabama Nick Saban
Nick Saban

Two preseason polls were released Thursday, and Alabama was at the top of both of them. This is getting to be quite redundant.

The Crimson Tide, which fell to Clemson in the national championship game earlier this year, is once again the preseason favorite in the ESPN and the Amway Coaches’ polls. Florida State, Ohio State and USC are in the Top 4 in both polls. No surprise, right?

Maybe, but there are some noticeable differences between the coaches and ESPN voters.

Hail Harbaugh!

For one, the coaches have shown more respect for Michigan (No. 9) than ESPN’ers (No. 13). Same goes with West Virginia (No. 20 for coaches; No. 25 for ESPN).


1. Alabama Alabama
2. Florida State Ohio State
3. Ohio State Florida State
5. Clemson Clemson
6. Penn State Penn State
7. Oklahoma Washington
8. Washington Oklahoma
9. Wisconsin Michigan
10. Oklahoma State Wisconsin
11. Auburn Oklahoma State
13. Michigan Auburn
14. Florida Stanford
15. Stanford Georgia
16. Miami Florida
17. Georgia Louisville
18. Louisville Miami
19. Kansas State Kansas State
20. Texas West Virginia
21. South Florida South Florida
22. Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
23. TCU Texas
24. Washington State Tennessee
25. West Virginia Utah

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