Big Ten Media: Going beyond networks for coverage

Big TenBig Ten commissioner Jim Delany announced at Media Day in Chicago last week that the conference reached a six-year deal with ESPN, Fox and CBS Sports (for basketball).

Mark Silverman, the Big Ten Network president, also spoke of a TV deal, but of another kind. This is one shows that the conference is courting the cord cutters.

The Big Ten Network announced that its content will be heading to Hulu and YouTube TV.

“Regardless of how the industry evolves, BTN will be committed to be available to all our viewers across the country,” Silverman said Monday.

It’s another strategic move by a conference aware of the declining cable subscribers.

Big Ten business

A few months ago, the Sports Business Daily reported that the digital media companies have been working furiously to seal sports rights deals, so much so that it has “energized (professional) league executives” … because they see these deals as a way to keep rights fees high during the next round of media negotiations.

Twitter was airing NFL games this past season. Facebook has a deal to air professional soccer. It shouldn’t be a surprise Hulu and YouTube are jumping in.

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