Not just a Nutt job: Houston files suit against Ole Miss

Houston Nutt
Houston Nutt (

Perhaps it was too easy for Ole Miss to say, “Problems? … We have a Houston.”

Former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt filed a federal lawsuit against his former school. He is claiming current Rebels coach Hugh Freeze, athletic director Ross Bjork and sports information director Kyle Campbell conducted a campaign to pin most of the school’s current NCAA violations on him

Ole Miss is being investigated by the NCAA for multiple violations that have occurred under both Nutt and Freeze.

Nutt’s suit cites — citing breach of contract and breach of good faith and fair dealing — against the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation, the university itself, and the Board of Trustees.

The Clarion-Ledger’s Antonio Morales reported that Ole Miss general counsel Lee Tyner said the university is aware the suit had been filed.

Not just a Nutt job

Among the many allegations, Nutt’s legal representatives say the coach took issue with the handling of with the first notice of allegations in January 2016. Bjork then said most of the allegations date “back to the former football staff in 2010.”

The Old Ole Miss coach claims Freeze told “journalists and recruiting prospects” that the investigation had “little, if anything” to do with his staff, pointing all the blame toward Nutt’s staff.

Later, when the allegations were made public, that certainly was not the case. The amended notice released in February alleged thousands of dollars in illegal payments to a recruit and detailing the activities of a former staff member in facilitating these payments, amid other illegal activity.

No failures wasted

At Wednesday’s SEC Media Day, Alabama coach Nick Saban had some interestin things to say about failure and how to build from it. Saban’s Crimson Tide fell to Clemson in the national championship game earlier this year.

Said Saban: “I think when you lose, everybody’s much more — the mindset is much more I’m willing to change. I want to learn. I don’t want to waste a failure. What could we have done better? Because everybody’s hurt by the fact that they lost, especially the way we lost that particular game on the last play of the game, but it wasn’t the last play. It’s what led up to the last play. And I think our players realize that.

“It takes a tremendous amount of accountability to be able to execute and sustain the execution for 60 minutes in the game. And we played against a really, really good team, which I think when you get in the playoffs, that should be what you expect. And we weren’t able to finish the game like we needed to. And I think there’s a lot of lessons to learn, and hopefully we won’t waste a failure.”

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