Media Day: Get your buzzword bingo cards!

Media Day Bingo
Link to printable Media Day Bingo cards below

As Steve Spurrier has pointed out in a previous year, it’s now the talking season.

SEC Media Days begin today in Birmingham, Ala., and the event is the first of all the media day/weeks/”car washes” from the Power 5 conferences. It’s a hype circus that does little other than giving ESPN and the SEC Network more content to get them through the summer.

Truth be told, the coaches don’t want to be there because they don’t enjoy dealing with the media. And the media doesn’t want to be there because everyone says next to nothing for an entire week.

And yet it’s a boring dance that is done every year.

Preseason buzzwords

Coaches and players — no matter the team or conference — tend to say the same safe words each year. Keeping it simple and general is usually the way it goes.

In 2013,, via the Wall Street Journal, wrote about the most-used words from coaches in the Big 12. For instance, WSJ reporter Rachel Bachman noticed that then-Texas coach Mack Brown used used the word “tempo” 14 times, and Kansas State coach Bill Snyder used the word “young” on 11 occasions, just ahead of then Baylor coach Art Briles’ 10 “America” references.

ESPN’s story took it a step further by looking at the transcripts. Among the more noticeable phrases:

  • Charlie Weis, the Kansas coach at the time, used “players” (11 times), “good” (seven times) and “juco” or “junior college” five times.
  • Bob Stoops, the Oklahoma coach until a few months ago, used “great” 19 times and “excited” (nine times).

Indeed, a lot can be inferred about the direction of the two programs from that evidence, but it also proves coaches can be repetitive.

That’s a bingo!

So, let’s try to keep it interesting. Why not make a game out of it? If you’re one of those fans who actually enjoy listening and watching everything said during Media Days, then why not add a little buzzword bingo to the mix. If nothing else, it might keep you awake (this only a game for entertainment purposes, so no wagering).

Click this link to make copies of buzzword bingo cards: Media Day Bingo

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