SEC Media: Do not feed the Saban … questions

Nick Saban
Nick Saban

The SEC Media Week starts Monday and there’s a decent chance we can see another classic rant from Alabama coach Nick Saban.

The event, which continues through Thursday (July 10-13), will be held at the Hyatt Regency Birmingham – Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Ala.

Once again, the Worldwide Leader (ESPN) and South-wide Leader (SEC Network) will be there to film enough content to get them both through July and August. Every coach, player, fan, fellow reporters … all will be part of the conglomeration of content.

But beware of Saban.

The Alabama coach has a reputation of snapping at even the most benign questions. Judging from the weekly news conferences, Saban’s penchant for lashing out at reporters has left some in the media a bit gun shy.

As a public service precaution to all media types, here’s a rundown of topics to avoid when asking Saban a question this week.

Question on NCAA rules

Question on his schedule

Question about recruiting

Question about his offense

Questions about his defense


Question about his players

Question about his coaches

So in review, in order to keep things calm, don’t ask Nick Saban about players, coaches, offense, defense, recruiting, schedule or the NCAA rules. Simple enough.

How to set a Saban fire …

However … if you actually would like to see a Saban rant, here are some suggested questions:

  • You’ve said you’ll never get over the losses to Clemson, in the 2017 national championship, or to Auburn in 2013. How do you feel about that 2007 loss to Louisiana-Monroe?
  • Why do YOU think you’re a better coach than Bear Bryant?
  • When he was your offensive coordinator, how often did Jim McElwain express to you a strong desire to ride a shark naked?
  • Can you understand what Ed Orgeron is saying? I mean, really?
  • Would you have voted for Tommy Tuberville for governor?
  • Can you say more about that Tin-Horn Defense you used against Georgia Southern?
  • What do you think about Lebron James taking off all those games in the middle of the NBA season? He’s a big pussy, right?
  • Where is Mercer?
  • Lane Kiffin? … So what’s up with you and that dude? And for the Coke bottle, the same question.

And if by some chance the snappish response to your question is “what would you do?” or “what do you think?” … remember to say “I don’t answer hypotheticals, coach.”

Feel free to include more suggestions in the comments below.

SEC Media Week schedule

Monday, July 10
Arkansas – Bret Bielema
LSU – Ed Orgeron
Tennessee – Butch Jones

Tuesday, July 11
Florida – Jim McElwain
Georgia – Kirby Smart
Vanderbilt – Derek Mason
Mississippi State – Dan Mullen

Wednesday, July 12
Alabama – Nick Saban
Kentucky – Mark Stoops
Missouri – Barry Odom
Texas A&M – Kevin Sumlin

Thursday, July 13
Auburn – Gus Malzahn
Ole Miss – Hugh Freeze
South Carolina – Will Muschamp

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