July practices? NCAA examines 14-week schedule

Under one of the models of consideration, the schedule would remain with 12 games with two bye weeks.

began preliminary talks on the issue during the quarterly meeting in Indianapolis during the last week of June.

Preseason in July

Discussions included the concern over the elimination of two-a-day practices, which will begin this year. As it stands now, schools can evaluate the effect of that change on their preseason schedule and are being allowed to ask for a waiver to start preseason practices up to seven days earlier than the rule allows.

By doing so, some players would have to report to practice in late July. A 14-week season could mean reporting even earlier than that.

And with the bowl schedule and the College Football Playoff now extending into the first 10 days of January, a typical college football season could become about six months long for some players.


“A variety of different models will be looked at,” said Bob Bowlsby, the oversight committee chair and commissioner of the Big 12 Conference. “We think there are some ways that the beginning of preseason practice can be kept in August and still meet the appropriate safety considerations.”

Long season

The SEC also discussed the possibility of a 14-week season at it spring meetings in Destin, Fla. Some coaches, most notably Alabama’s Nick Saban, think the season is too long as it is.

“I personally think that our season is way too long and making the season longer is not a good thing for the players,” Saban said in mid-April after the NCAA eliminated two-a-day practices and extended the preseason a week. “It’s a long season for these players. I mean, we’ve played 15 games two years in a row. It’s a long season.”


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