Osborne: Other teams have expressed interest in joining Big Ten

Former Nebraska football coach and athletic director Tom Osborne says he has been approached by other teams expressing “interest” in joining the Big Ten.

Osborne didn’t mention the teams that contacted him, but the alleged buzzards circling around the Big 12 headquarters might give a hint (Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas have been rumored to be inquiring about a jump to the Big Ten for several months).

According to a story on Landof10.com,  Osborne said, “I don’t want to start jumping into that hornet’s nest where someone’s quoting me as saying, ‘Well, this school ought to join the Big Ten.’ I do know people that I’ve talked to in the past who maybe have some interest. And so I think the Big Ten is a viable option.”

Osborne led Nebraska’s football program for almost 25 seasons and was the athletic director from 2007-2013. It was under his direction that Nebraska left the Big 12 and joined the Big Ten.

Big 12 on the brink?

Multiple media outlets have suggested the Big 12 is teetering, leading many of its member schools to go on the defensive. About six weeks ago, the Tulsa World reported Oklahoma president David Boren saying the university didn’t “have any plans to make a move” out of the conference.

“We’re not desperate to go anywhere else,” said Boren in a column the Tulsa World’s Guerin Emig. “We’re in pretty stable position with the Big 12.”

Boren was prompted to make the statement because of a quote by the SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum to the Dallas Morning News: “I see the Big 12 as a complete trainwreck. The Big 12 is the Titanic and you can see the iceberg in sight.”

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