If Nick Saban was a Disney princess, he would be …

SabanDo you get annoyed with those quizzes on Facebook that ask you who you are? Like “What Star Wars character are you?” or “So you think you a ‘Friends’ fan?”

Today I saw a post that asked me “What kind of Disney princess are you?” I personally didn’t care. But I know someone who probably does: Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.

So I filled out the questionnaire as Nick would do.

The questions

What color is your hair? I said black, right. I mean, I think it’s black. “None of the above” was one of the choices. I stuck with black.

Where would you live? The choices were Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland, the woods (or forest), a log cabin or the beach. I selected the cabin, because the accompanying photo was a winter scene. It made me think of those cold mornings in West Virginia Nick Saban went through as a child. Also, a few years ago, Terry Saban reportedly had been looking in the Austin, Texas, area, for a vacation home — so that rules out the castle and the beach. I realize the story ran when Nick Saban allegedly was being courted by Texas, but Austin indeed is a nice place to live.

Do you believe in magic? Despite being foiled by Auburn’s “Kick 6,” I would have to say Nick Saban does NOT believe in magic.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I said no. Based on what he allegedly said in his unauthorized biography regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton, it’s an unequivocal no.

What scares you more: being alone or being surrounded? This is one I struggled. Saban likely feels comfortable on the sideline … well, maybe. But he definitely is on the defensive when surrounded by the media. So I went with “being surrounded.”

What do you look for in a man: loyalty and kindness; bravery and adventure; or humor and beauty? I went with bravery and adventure. I’m sure Saban puts loyalty at a premium, but not so much about kindness. He ain’t looking for any candy stripers. 

Choose an animal? Racoon, horse, fish, tiger, mouse, dog bird, cat. Though he can’t seem to get over losses to the Auburn and Clemson Tigers, I chose tiger over the other animals. Horse was a close second.

And the answer … Pocahontas

Of course. I’m sure he has heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon, and asked a grinning bobcat why he grins. 

The quiz says, Nick Saban, “You believe in love and being free and in the open. You never have a problem doing what you want and are always free and beautiful.”

So true. He doesn’t have a problem doing what he wants. But, even more so, he is always free and beautiful.


Maybe I’m wrong. You give it a try.

I think next I’m going to try to see what kind of Star Wars character would Ed Orgeron be.



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