KSU’s Snyder: Transfer if you must, but no release

Bill Snyder says no to a releaseIt would be easy to say Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is telling a former player to metaphorically “get off my lawn.”

Easy because, well, Snyder is old (77). But the old man might be right in this instance.

Receiver Corey Sutton, according to a story in The Wichita Eagle, said he informed Snyder that he was leaving the school and that Snyder seemed agreeable. But when Sutton gave the university a list of 35 transfer destinations he would consider going to, KSU denied a release.

Again, he submitted transfer destinations. KSU denied a release.

No destination good enough

“When I originally told Coach Snyder I was going to transfer, he said, ‘Well, Corey, I feel bad that you want to leave, but I can’t make you stay,'” said Sutton in The Eagle. I dropped all my (future) classes, moved out of Kansas and started looking at my options, then I find out they are denying me my release.

“Coach Snyder told me today that when I signed my letter of intent that was my commitment to him, that I was going to be there for four years. I heard that and told him, ‘Coaches can leave. So why can’t a player leave? You made a commitment to me that you were going to treat me the right way and that’s not what you’re doing.’ 

(So you’re trying to get a release and you decide to argue with the coach. Tip for Sutton: Click here.)
Snyder, in an interview with a Kansas City sports radio show, argued that while he won’t release a player — thereby allowing him to pursue a scholarship agreement elsewhere immediately — that player is free to leave and walk-on at another school immediately, he will just have to wait a year before going back on scholarship.

I’m a man. I’m 77

Snyder, quoted in The Eagle from a public event at Overland Park, Kan., Thursday, said, “I’ve been around there for 28 years, the young man was in our program for less than two years. I think our fans know what I’m about. … The feeling all along if you’re a No. 2 you probably want to be a No. 1. If you have the option to leave and you have 22 No. 2s on your team leaving, you don’t have much of a team left. It doesn’t make sense to not try to prevent that from happening.”

The coach’s point is valid. NCAA rules allow Sutton to transfer anywhere he wants, but it’s up to the school’s choosing to release him or not. When a school releases a player, he is allowed to be eligible to play for and attain financial from another school for the 2017 season. Why should he start making it easy for 3-star wideouts to play elsewhere?

And, again, Sutton is allowed to leave and not lose any eligibility. He just needs to sit out a season, something he seemingly doesn’t want to do.

‘Tell ’em about it Jo Jo’

According to a report from an Evansville, Ind., TV station, an attorney close a former Ole Miss assistant said the Rebels are “as close to the death penalty as you can get without having that actually happen.”

Bruse Lloyd, attorney for former Rebels assistant Barney Farrar, told 44News Sports Director JoJo Gentry that Farrar “has been questioned extensively, in fact, five times by the NCAA about those allegations.”

Farrar and offensive coordinator Dan Werner were fired by Ole Miss in December.

In a related item, I think former Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron knows a JoJo …

Extensions for Corso

The headgear-loving Lee Corso, 81, received a multi-year contract extension from ESPN on Wednesday. About the same time, John Clayton announced he had been laid off by the same network.

ESPN … why are you so bad?


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