They’re back! 5 transfer quarterbacks that could make a difference


Quarterback Max Browne
Max Browne (

Hey, remember these guys? The 5-star quarterback that was going to send your team into the stratosphere for the next 3-4 seasons?

They played at places like USC, Alabama, Florida, Notre Dame and LSU.

Then things didn’t work out. They left the program. Transferred to another. And now they’re eligible for this season.

Will fortunes be restored to these quarterbacks … or will the become irrelevant?

Each one comes with promise and baggage. But it likely will come down to how well they perform in those first five games.

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Future of conference realignment: Fan base over market share

Kansas gets in position for realignmentBoth and have reported that college football realignment might not happen for another six or seven years because of current TV contracts.

But by the time we get to 2023, contracts with Facebook and Twitter could be more advantageous than any of the traditional cable networks, currently losing subscribers annually. Traditional rights deals could become obsolete.

A few months ago, the Sports Business Daily reported that the digital media companies have been working furiously to seal sports rights deals, so much so that it has “energized league executives” … because they see these deals as a way to keep rights fees high during the next round of media negotiations.

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Recruiting: Bo’s nephew commits to Auburn


AuburnShedrick Jackson, the nephew of Bo Jackson and a three-star receiver from Hoover, Ala., has announced he is following Uncle Bo’s footsteps and committed to Auburn.

According to SEC Country, Jackson chose Auburn over four schools in his top five, which included Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Memphis and Missouri.

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Osborne: Other teams have expressed interest in joining Big Ten

Former Nebraska football coach and athletic director Tom Osborne says he has been approached by other teams expressing “interest” in joining the Big Ten.

Osborne didn’t mention the teams that contacted him, but the alleged buzzards circling around the Big 12 headquarters might give a hint (Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas have been rumored to be inquiring about a jump to the Big Ten for several months).

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‘Last Chance U.’ Season 2 trailer: You got your pencil? (VIDEO)

Last Chance U
De’Andre Johnson (Netflix)

Netflix goes back to Scooba, again.

The second season the Netflix documentary, “Last Chance U.,” begins on July 21. It’s a new season at East Mississippi Community College with a new cast of characters looking for a fresh start, including controversial ex-Florida State quarterback.

Judging from the trailer, this season we might a kinder, gentler Buddy Stephens, the head coach and a more exasperated Brittany Wagner, the academic counselor and surprise star of Season 1.

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West Virginia feels no need to fear now Grier is here

West Virginia quarterback Will Grier
West Virginia quarterback Will Grier

Got a feeling the West Virginia-Virginia Tech game could be the most intriguing of the opening weekend. Yeah, maybe even more than Alabama-Florida State.

Will Grier officially was made eligible on Tuesday for the game. Grier, you might recall, had the Gators in the top 3 in the nation and then failed a PED test ended his season and career at Florida.

PED or no PED, Grier could make a difference in the season opener against one of the top teams in the ACC this season.
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USC quarterback Darnold says ‘Check it out, Heisman voters’

USC's Sam Darnold
Diving receiver catches the ball

USC quarterback Sam Darnold doesn’t let a waking moment go by when it comes to showing off his skills.

As reported, some players are hitting the weights or studying game film to get ready for the season. Darnold used some of his time to pass to some speeding receivers on wakeboards.

If only they could have wrangled up some gators to play defense, we’d have a real game going on.

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ESPN outbids Fox to keep Jesse Palmer

ESPN signs PalmerSo weeks after laying off around 100 or more on-air and website talent, ESPN can celebrate beating out Fox Sports to keep Jesse Palmer.

I guess this is what you call  “melding distinct, personality-driven SportsCenter TV editions and digital-only efforts.”

Palmer reportedly signed a seven-figure, multiyear contract, according to a report in The Sporting News.

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Harbaugh wants to invite Obamas to be captains

ObamaSo President Barack Obama might be an honorary captain for a Michigan home game. Michele Obama, too.

It’s getting to a point where you can’t say anything is out of the ordinary when it involves Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

ESPN reports that after spending some time with the former first family, Harbaugh said he will ask them to serve as honorary captains for a game this season.


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This Father’s Day perspective from Gene Chizik

Gene Chizik

Too many times a coach has said he wants “to spend more time with my family” to get out of a bad contract or avoid a possible firing. That’s not true for former Auburn coach Gene Chizik.

Chizik explained what family means to him to Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel on the Feb. 14 edition of “The Audible” podcast.

Chizik abruptly left a successful run as North Carolina’s defensive coordinator in February to be closer to his family living in Auburn, Ala.  The family had stayed in Auburn when Chizik was at North Carolina because he said he made a promise to kids.

“When we moved to Auburn the second time (Chizik also was a defensive coordinator at Auburn from 2002-04), I promised them this would be the last move they would make,” Chizik said.

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