Tuesday headlines: Robbery no small thing for Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes
What up, Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes, the 6-foot-3 former Texas Tech and current Kansas City quarterback, was robbed on Friday outside a Texas home by a 5-foot-4 man.

As TMZ.com put it, Mahomes was robbed by “a tiny man.”

According to the Associated Press, Mahomes and the three other people were stepping from a vehicle on a home’s driveway outside Tyler, Texas, when a suspect approached. He gestured he had a handgun in his waistband and took unspecified items from the victims before speeding away, the Smith County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

Arrests made

Deputies later arrested two suspects in the reported getaway car and recovered items taken during the holdup. A 5-foot-4 Michael Pinkerton, 34, was charged with aggravated robbery. Also, Billy Ray Johnson, 58, was accused of two counts of possession of a controlled substance and with tampering with evidence involving one of the items taken during the holdup, sheriff’s Sgt. Darrell Coslin said.

Coslin said Pinkerton “has a long criminal history and is known to us.” He randomly robbed the quarterback and three others as they returned to a residence after attending a college baseball game.

Kiffin gives scholarship offer to 7th-grader


The 13-year-old son of former Tennessee quarterback Tee Martin, a seventh-grader, has received his first scholarship, courtesy of Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin. 

Kaden Martin, a quarterback for Adams Middle School in Redondo Beach, Calif., has shown great arm strength. He also is the son of a quarterback who led Tennessee to a national title in 1998. And his father was assistant under Kiffin while he was the head coach at USC.

And Tee Martin is the current USC offensive coordinator. Kiffin might have competition on that scholarship offer.

Player sells teammate’s Rolex on Craigslist: Colorado State safety Braylin Scott was arrested last week after allegedly stealing from his former teammate, according to a CBSsports.com story. Scott is accused of taking a couple of watches, including a Rolex, and some diamond bracelets from the room of ex-Rams linebacker Hunter Donnelly.
Donnelly also told CSU police he saw his watches listed on Craigslist. CSU police officer Torrey Cleveland responded to the Craigslist ad selling the two watches for $5,000. The next day, Cleveland received a response from an account that belonged to Braylin Scott.



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