Aw, man: That’s NOT McElwain naked on a shark

Not Jim McElwain
Not Jim McElwain, but happy to be naked and lying on a shark.

Have you ever read a story that you knew was false but you so wanted it to be true?

Why wasn’t Florida coach Jim McElwain the naked guy on that shark? I mean, it looks just like him. And the man seems so blissful, not a stitch on and loving that he caught himself a shark.

And Jim McElwain seems like a guy who could use some happiness in his life, especially after what happened in the SEC Championship.

Alas, it’s not Jim.

In case you haven’t heard, there was a photo of a naked man on top of a shark that went viral over the weekend. Anneka Svenska, a self-described Wildlife TV presenter and filmaker from the UK, posted the photo on Twitter. She was horrified, but not by the naked Jim McElwain … I mean the unidentified man (I said I wanted it to be true). She was disgusted about the exploitation of the shark.

Check it out …


This is humourless, McElwain

First, I know what your thinking and she didn’t misspell humor … she’s from the UK and that’s how they spell it there. Second, I don’t know what TV presenter is. Third, yes, the guy does look a lot like Jim McElwain, right down to the ol’ tan lines.

And that’s what caused the stir. Everyone immediately thought it was Florida coach Jim McElwain on Twitter. And, let’s face it, like myself, everyone wanted it to be Jim McElwain.

That’s why the University of Florida was compelled to stem this social media tide by saying it has confirmed the naked man is not its head football coach, Jim McElwain. For Pete’s sake, he loves wearing clothes. 

Thanks for the buzzkill, Gators.

(One thing I do agree with Wildlife TV Presenter Anneka on: I feel bad for the shark. The shark is probably thinking in his last moments, “OK, this is it. I’ve been caught by Jim McElwain … I mean this unidentified dude … It’s all over now. I’m just going to rest in peace and … Oh, man. What’s he doing now? Why is Jim McElwain taking his clothes off? Why does that other man have a camera? What’s going on? …”)

Suggestion: Why not fish naked? … they are

I guess it’s good for Florida and it’s football team that the coach isn’t the naked guy. I mean, that’s a heck of a distraction for the season and a heck of a visual most players can’t erase from their minds.

But, again, the guy on the shark looks pretty darn happy. Maybe McElwain is missing out. Maybe we all are, Anneka.

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