Weekend football fix: Lane Kiffin, the man and his music

Name tags might have helped Lane Kiffin at Alabama

Lane Kiffin was heard from again this week and, yes, it was about how different things are at Florida Atlantic than at Alabama (Really? Who would have expected that?).

Except this time he wasn’t taking shots at his former boss, Nick Saban. Well, not directly.

Kiffin was on Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly and mentioned two noteworthy observations:

(On Alabama’s support staff) “I was there three years, and I still didn’t learn everybody’s name in that building. There were so many people. There’s somebody for everything.”

(On how FAU practices will be different) “We have music. … There’s no music at Alabama. There will never be music at Alabama.”

Party on, Lane.

Kiffin also said he was tempted by the offer from LSU to become the offensive coordinator. Said Kiffin: “… I really think they’re going to win a lot there and do great things, and they got some great players coming back, especially the running backs.”

It pays to go in first round

Leonard gets mom a car: Speaking of great LSU runners, former Tigers running back Leonard Fournette followed the footsteps of fellow first-round NFL Draft pick Deshaun Watson and bought his mother a car, a Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe. Fournette, selected at No. 4 by the Jacksonville Jaguars, is projected to sign for $27 million with an $18 million signing bonus, according to tmz.com.

SEC greatness abounds

Austin Allen, SEC’s Greatest Quarterback: For this season … according to one podcast … by someone who covers Arkansas.

Jon Nabors of SECCountry.com says Arkansas quarterback Austin Allen is the best because he “has the best stats from last season” and had to overcome a poor offensive line and a poor Razorback defense to attain those stats. Said Nabors: “The fact that he was so successful despite all of that is why no other quarterback in the SEC comes close to him.”

It must be pointed out, again, that Nabors is doing his podcast for the Arkansas fans on SECCountry.com.

Hey, check it out. Another writer from SECCountry.com says Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham is the SEC’s best quarterback. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Some Irish Nachos, please

Brian Kelly says ‘Heat? What heat?’ Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly told The Associated Press that despite the struggles of last season, the Fighting Irish will turn things around.

Kelly said in an interview with The Associated Press the day before spring practice ended for the Fighting Irish last month: “I use the analogy, if you’re a really good hitter and you’re in the major leagues and you have one year when you fall below, you make a couple of adjustments, you take some BP, you have a good offseason and you start hitting again. I’m going to hit again. I know how to coach.”

To extend the analogy, if you’re hitting below the Mendoza Line one season, you’re probably not going to hit .400 the next — no matter how many adjustments you make and no matter how great of an offseason you had. Notre Dame fans likely are expecting a Triple Crown season, Coach. So, good luck.

And the honor goes to …: Speaking of Notre Dame and coaching woes, Yardbarker.com listed the five most overrated coaches in college football history. Let’s just say Notre Dame is well represented.

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