Wednesday’s college football headlines: Another Draft Day Miracle!

Draft Day

Well, maybe miracle is overstating it. How about this: Another Draft Day Coincidence! ….

Flashback to last season’s Sun Bowl, North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky led the Tar Heels to a touchdown with 1:09 left in the game to close Stanford’s lead to two points (25-23). His attempt to run in the two-point conversion failed. Stanford went on to win the game.

Trubisky was 23 of 39 for 280 yards with two touchdowns passing. But he also had two interceptions and two sacks. One of those sacks came on the Tar Heels’ next-to-last drive, which was forced UNC to punt, down 25-17 when it desperately needed to maintain control the ball. The defender who got the sack was Stanford’s Solomon Thomas.

Last week, San Francisco traded the No. 2 pick to Chicago, which stunned many draft followers — and even some of its own fans — by picking Trubisky. And who did the 49ers pick at No. 3? Yep, Thomas.

Maybe the 49ers saw something they liked in the game film.

Poor Mitch.

More piling on: From, Radio host Barrett Sallee said on his podcast, SEC Smothered and Covered, that former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly “will have a better career” than Trubisky.

Poor Mitch.

They will rue the day! Columnist at says the Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs will regret not drafting former Clemson QB Deshaun Watson.

Poor Mitch.

Moving on …

The bowl-skippers: Since players like Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, and, to a certain extent, Jabril Peppers didn’t see their Draft Day stock plummet after skipping meaningless bowls games, perhaps this will start a trend. And perhaps that will lead to the CFP expanding to eight teams.

Saban out-earns The Bear: credits Darren Rovell’s observations that Nick Saban’s new contract means 1) Saban makes 74 times what Bear Bryant made coaching Alabama 60 seasons ago (factoring in inflation) and 2)  will make more than 92 times what Alabama’s governor Kay Ivey will make this year.

Fool me once:  Quarterback Sheriron Jones has transferred from Tennessee for a second time, which I believe breaks the previous record held by many (one transfer from a single school).

And now, an 81-yard field goal by Florida’s Eddie Pineiro …

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