No bull: Harbaugh helps deliver a calf


Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has been on the move a lot this year.

This weekend he was on the moo-ve as he helped deliver a calf.

In a story from (via Sportsnaut), Harbaugh was visiting a farm in Indiana when the blessed event occurred. The photos were posted on Twitter.

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VOTE: Would you swap Jim Harbaugh for Nick Saban?

Nick Saban
What if Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh swapped jobs?
If you believe that Nick Saban is the greatest coach in college football today, you’re either an Alabama fan or you pay attention to facts.

Saban has led a team to a five national championships since 2003 (LSU after 2003 regular season; Alabama after 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015 regular seasons).

He started at LSU in 2000 and led the Tigers to the title in 2003 (game in 2004). He started at Alabama at 2007 and led the Tide to a title after 2009 season. Granted those are two schools alway have a lot of talent, but that is still quick work. And Alabama has been consistently among the top 5 recruiting schools since he has been there.

He’s done so well that a few years ago Saban reportedly turned down a lucrative offer Texas. He later denied it and said, “I’m just too damn old to start over somewhere else.”

But what if, for the 2017 season, Saban indeed started over with a new school? In fact, what if you traded him with the coach from another team? Which team would win a national title first?

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Non-state schools at satellite camps? LSU’s Coach O says that’s a no-go


Interesting story in Sports Illustrated that suggests LSU is using its influence  in the state to keep non-Louisiana schools from participating in satellite camps.

Southeastern Louisiana rescinded invitations to Texas, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Houston to work in a satellite camp this summer. The school invited to fill in the hole: LSU.

Tulane rescinded an invitation to Michigan to join them at a camp in New Orleans. The school invited to fill the hole: LSU.


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No collusion between Tuberville and ‘Siberia’


A few weeks ago, former Cincinnati, Ole Miss, Auburn and Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville announced he would not be running for governor of Alabama.

After statements he made the other day, don’t expect him to run for governor of Texas either.

Tuberville told the Rick & Bubba radio show when he left Auburn and landed in Lubbock, Texas, he felt like he was in “Siberia.”

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Go East, Auburn … and take Alabama with you

Auburn TigersAuburn has no problem with moving to the SEC East. In fact, one could say it wants to move to the SEC East, since the Auburn people seem to be the only ones suggesting it every year.

Pat Dye here. Gus Malzahn there. 

You can bet the so-called “soft” SEC East looks tempting to the Tigers.

But what if rival Alabama also made the jump? Still tempting?

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Notre Dame football staying out of ACC

Notre Dame
Notre Dame football rumored to be joining ACC

Notre Dame football remains league-less, for now.

Already a full member of the ACC in everything but football, Notre Dame currently includes four ACC teams on its football schedule each season. But the Irish have been insistent on maintaining its independent status.

Despite rumors to contrary, Notre Dame will maintain that status, according to report in the Orlando Sentinel.

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Short and sweet: When The Rock watched The Rock

The Rock
The Rock

Brought to our attention thanks to, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is caught in Furious 7 watching Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In the 2015 film, his character, Luke Hobbs, while in the hospital, watches a football game. It is the 1993 game between Florida State and Miami, when Johnson sacked Florida State quarterback and eventual Heisman winner Charlie Ward.

Johnson looks miffed that he didn’t get to see the replay.

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Tuesday headlines: Robbery no small thing for Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes
What up, Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes, the 6-foot-3 former Texas Tech and current Kansas City quarterback, was robbed on Friday outside a Texas home by a 5-foot-4 man.

As put it, Mahomes was robbed by “a tiny man.”

According to the Associated Press, Mahomes and the three other people were stepping from a vehicle on a home’s driveway outside Tyler, Texas, when a suspect approached. He gestured he had a handgun in his waistband and took unspecified items from the victims before speeding away, the Smith County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

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Monday headlines: QB Class of 2012 a major fail?

Jameis Winston arguably is the lone bright star from Class of 2012.
Jameis Winston arguably is the lone bright star from Class of 2012.

It has been obvious for quite awhile that successful college football teams are quarterback-driven. Because of that, the recruiters battle hard every year to get the best QB to sign.

A story in suggests the recruiters coming after the cream of the 2012 crop might have been battling for nothing.

Outside of Heisman winner Jameis Winston, the rest of the class was a big disappointment.

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Trump doesn’t like Liberty’s chances vs. Auburn, Ole Miss

Trump questions Liberty's schedule
Trump questions Liberty’s schedule

President Donald Trump made the commencement address at Liberty University Saturday. In doing so, he took the opportunity to announce some of the school’s upcoming football opponents.

Liberty is moving up from the FCS to the FBS in 2018.

And Trump also took the opportunity to needle school president Jerry Falwell Jr. about the schedule. He questioned Liberty’s chances to win, especially against SEC foes Auburn (2018) and Ole Miss (2021).

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