Report: Florida-Georgia SEC rivalry to stay in Jacksonville

One of the most iconic SEC rivalries will remain in Jacksonville, Fla., according to a report in the Jacksonville Business Journal.

The story says the proposed contract will be voted on by the Jacksonville City Council within the next month. Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry’s office is credited with declaring, although there is no written agreement yet on file, the 2017 game is safe and will be played as planned in Jacksonville.

This season’s SEC East game will be played on Oct. 28. Future games include: Oct. 27, 2018, Oct. 26 or Nov. 2, 2019, Oct. 31, 2020 and Oct. 30, 2021.

Pays to be in SEC

According to the agreement, each school receives a $125,000 signing bonus and $250,000 in guaranteed payment for each of the next five seasons. Each school will get a $60,000 travel and lodging stipend, a $10,000 increase.

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