If nominated, Tuberville will not run … just pass

TubervilleFormer Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech and Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville says he is no longer interested in being the governor of Alabama.

According to The Associated Press, Tuberville said in an interview on Sirius XM that he doesn’t “think there’s any doubt” he would have won the election, but now he wants to return to athletics, as either a coach, broadcaster or athletic director.

The AP story also said Tuberville, 62, went to Montgomery, Ala., the state’s capital, and visited with ex-governors, legislators and cabinet members while exploring the gubernatorial bid. The AP also said Tuberville did not return any calls for comment.

Tuberville, an Arkansas native, was at Auburn from 1999 t0 2008, which included an undefeated season 2004 (finishing No. 2 in the nation). He’s among the most successful coaches in Auburn history and led the Tigers to a 6-0 winning streak against in-state rival Alabama.

Other headlines Tuesday

Harbaugh gets tossed: Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and his team are conducting spring football practices in Italy this year. On Tuesday he was reprimanded by an Italian security guard for throwing a football inside a shopping mall. Check it out here.

Foster is dropping: Alabama’s all-everything linebacker Reuben Foster, who at one time was considered at top 5 pick in this week’s NFL Draft, was not invited to the draft.  The story from Yardbarker.com says Foster draft stock has fallen sharply because of 1) getting into a heated argument with a hospital worker while in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine and 2) reports of him testing positive for a diluted urine sample at the combine.

ESPN layoffs could be worse than expected: The Sporting News reports that as many as 70 TV and radio anchors, reporters and online writers could be laid off in the coming weeks. It had earlier been reported that 40 to 50 would be let go.


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