This flight had something positive happen on it

So where was everyone’s camera phone when this happened on a recent flight?

Well, at least one set of eyes saw it, and he was very appreciative. posted a story on Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu performing like a role model without any idea he was being observed by a 10-year-old elite hockey player on a recent flight to New Jersey.

Sanu, a former Rutgers receiver, recently received a note from the parents of the hockey player praising him for the way he handled himself during the flight.

The note stated the boy observed Sanu “studying your plays, watched you make healthy choices with your snacks, food and drink.” The note also complimented Sanu on how polite he was to everyone on the flight.

The little things

Sanu tweeted a photo of the note, saying “This put a smile on my face. The little things.”

The story also mentioned that Sanu has been active in raising money for pediatric cancer research.

With so many recent videos making social media rounds for disturbing behavior on an airplane, it’s nice to know some good things can be observed, too.

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