Oklahoma State says, ‘Loss? What loss?’

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s son Gavin tweeted out this photo of Alamo Bowl rings

He’s a man, he’s 40, and he’s gonna take the record he believes he should get.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, who is closer to 50 today, had 11-2 engraved on the teams Alamo Bowl-winning rings, though the record books say the team finished 10-3.

Gundy simply is making a statement over the controversial loss to Central Michigan early in the 2016 season. CMU won the game on a Hail Mary with no time on the clock, 30-27, though it was later determined that the Chippewas never should have been given the opportunity to attempt that play.

The officials gave the Chippewas an untimed down when the Cowboys were called for intentional grounding on fourth down. Because it was an offensive penalty on the play, rules say the opponent can’t be given an extra play. As a result of the error, CMU won, Oklahoma State lost and the referees were suspended for two games.

Taking what’s theirs

Oh, and the victory helped Central Michigan, 6-7, sneak into a postseason bowl (the Miami Beach Bowl, where it was routed, 55-10, by another team from Oklahoma: Tulsa).

One has to assume that if Oklahoma State had been awarded the victory in Week 2, as a 10-2 team it would have played in a better postseason game than the Alamo Bowl, perhaps against a tougher opponent than Colorado. And the Cowboys would have had to win that bowl to get to 11-2. So I guess you could say Gundy is giving his team two phantom victories.

Congratulations, Cowboys.

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