Kiffin vs. Saban: Oh, the humiliation of it all!

Word has it former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin took another backhanded shot at his former boss, Nick Saban, on satellite radio Wednesday.

During his appearance on College Sports Nation on Sirius XM, Kiffin was asked if he would yell at his assistants like Saban yelled at him. Kiffin, now the head coach at Florida Atlantic, said, “I’m not really big on humiliating assistant coaches in front of everybody. I write down notes. In the staff meeting, I explain what we want to get done.”

Oh no he didn’t!

OK, let’s rein it in,  please. Yeah, Saban can be volatile on the sideline, but he’s hardly the only head coach to yell at an assistant coach or a player during a game.

And Kiffin, as the son of a coach, should be used to being yelled at — and seeing others being yelled at — on the sidelines. Reminds of when Mike Ditka would yell at Jim Harbaugh when he was the quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Harbaugh, the son of a coach, seemed to take it in stride, once remarking that his father was much worse.

Practice goal

But it sounds like some of the Alabama players will miss the Kiffin sideline beatdowns.  Former Tide defensive lineman and likely Top 10 NFL Draft pick Jonathan Allen recently told that the defense would make it a goal to get Saban to yell at Kiffin.

Said Allen: “Coach Kiffin, he gets real competitive so he tries to scheme us a little bit, but feel like we do a good job. As a defense you try to get Coach Saban mad at him and try to get him yelled at in practice.”


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