Report: Florida-Georgia SEC rivalry to stay in Jacksonville

One of the most iconic SEC rivalries will remain in Jacksonville, Fla., according to a report in the Jacksonville Business Journal.

The story says the proposed contract will be voted on by the Jacksonville City Council within the next month. Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry’s office is credited with declaring, although there is no written agreement yet on file, the 2017 game is safe and will be played as planned in Jacksonville.

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Upsetting day for ESPN could be harbinger

A wise reporter once told me that “ESPN is a network very much in love with itself.”

The accuracy of that description floored me.

Judging from Wednesday’s news of reportedly 100 layoffs of on-air and reporting talent, including college football insiders Brett McMurphy (SEC) and Ted Miller (Pac-12), the honeymoon is over.

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If nominated, Tuberville will not run … just pass

TubervilleFormer Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech and Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville says he is no longer interested in being the governor of Alabama.

According to The Associated Press, Tuberville said in an interview on Sirius XM that he doesn’t “think there’s any doubt” he would have won the election, but now he wants to return to athletics, as either a coach, broadcaster or athletic director.

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This flight had something positive happen on it

So where was everyone’s camera phone when this happened on a recent flight?

Well, at least one set of eyes saw it, and he was very appreciative. posted a story on Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu performing like a role model without any idea he was being observed by a 10-year-old elite hockey player on a recent flight to New Jersey.

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Ohio State, SEC schools join satellite camp parade

Say satellite camp in SEC country in 2016 and you likely would get, at the very least, a piercing, angry stare.  The words “traitors” or “carpetbaggers” would have been kindest ones mentioned.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh‘s ventures into Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi in 2015 and 2016 angered the SEC faithful, but no doubt were a welcomed sight for Division I recruits and their parents.

So now, here comes the parade of satellites, one that includes some SEC teams.

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At Alcorn, everybody was Kung Food fighting

Kiffin vs. Saban: Oh, the humiliation of it all!

Word has it former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin took another backhanded shot at his former boss, Nick Saban, on satellite radio Wednesday.

During his appearance on College Sports Nation on Sirius XM, Kiffin was asked if he would yell at his assistants like Saban yelled at him. Kiffin, now the head coach at Florida Atlantic, said, “I’m not really big on humiliating assistant coaches in front of everybody. I write down notes. In the staff meeting, I explain what we want to get done.”

Oh no he didn’t!

OK, let’s rein it in,  please. Yeah, Saban can be volatile on the sideline, but he’s hardly the only head coach to yell at an assistant coach or a player during a game.

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Oklahoma State says, ‘Loss? What loss?’

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s son Gavin tweeted out this photo of Alamo Bowl rings

He’s a man, he’s 40, and he’s gonna take the record he believes he should get.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, who is closer to 50 today, had 11-2 engraved on the teams Alamo Bowl-winning rings, though the record books say the team finished 10-3.

Gundy simply is making a statement over the controversial loss to Central Michigan early in the 2016 season. CMU won the game on a Hail Mary with no time on the clock, 30-27, though it was later determined that the Chippewas never should have been given the opportunity to attempt that play.

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Merging away from Power 5

Conference USAToo many teams are paying the costs and still aren’t the boss. Not even close.

Talking about the Group of 5, the non-Power 5 football teams. Many these teams are talented with players who will go on to star at the next level. But those same teams never sniff a CFP national title.

Some schools have said if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Baylor, Louisville and TCU come to mind. Houston is trying hard to get into the Big 12.

Other schools and leagues are thinking of a different strategy: If you can’t beat ’em, leave ’em.

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LSU getting big stack of Pancake, to go

Runnin’, stumblin’, bumblin’ …

Running is no small feat for 330-pound LSU commit Kardell Thomas. But you better get out of his way when he hits the track.

Thomas, aka Mr. Pancake, recently ran the anchor leg of the 4×100-relay for Southern Lab out of Baton Rouge.

According to a report from, Thomas runs a 5.0 40-yard dash, which is motoring for someone as big as Pancake … uh, excuse me — MR. Pancake.

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