What if next Rose Bowl is exclusively on Facebook?

Maybe not the next, but it could happen soon.

A recent story in the Sports Business Daily reports that the digital media companies have been working furiously to seal sports rights deals, so much so that it has “energized league executives” … because they see these deals as a way to keep rights fees high during the next round of media negotiations.

One has to assume the NCAA and college conferences are viewing it the same way.

It would appear the college market would be the easiest “in” for any digital media company. Remember: The Worldwide Leader got it’s first big break with the NCAA Tournament. Less than a decade later, ESPN was airing NFL games.

Twitter was airing NFL games this past season. Facebook has a deal to air professional soccer.

The story quotes CEO of Sports Media Advisors Doug Perlman as saying, “digital media companies are more engaged than before. It will be interesting to see how the size and nature of these deals evolve.”


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