No more pistol offense in Fayetteville?

You can now carry a concealed handgun into an Arkansas public school — but some of you will have leave it outside if you’re going to the football game.

According to a story from, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed House Bill 1249 that will allow anyone to carry a concealed handgun into public buildings, but to a football game is a no-no because that’s a “sensitive area.”

How ironic that most people carry a concealed handgun near their sensitive areas.

According to a report in The Arkansas Traveler, not everyone with a concealed carry permit will be allowed in sensitive areas, such as a football games. But Hutchinson said those who have participated in enhanced training will be allowed to carry guns in sensitive areas, even if it is specified that no weapons are allowed.

In a nutshell: If you’re a gun owner in Arkansas, you’ll need some special training to reach those “sensitive areas.”

“The enhanced level of training is very important, and I am convinced the public will be more safe,” Hutchinson said. “This bill, in my view, reflects the view of the general assembly.”

The bill not become a law until Jan. 1, so the 2017 home schedule will remain gun-free.

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