Some frats just aren’t into marine biology. And some are, sort of

So see a dead whale on a Jersey beach and naturally you tag with the Greek letters of your beloved frat? Nice.
According to a report in the Daily Mail, police in Atlantic City, N.J., say the letters on the underside of the dead whale were not gang-related. The symbols appear to be Tau Epsilon Phi, along with the number ’94.’


If only there had been a marine biologist to stop this …

Tommy Lasorda doesn’t wish V. Stiviano bad luck, just horrible accident

Is it wrong for Tommy Lasorda to wish V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling’s “assistant”/girlfriend, to be hit by a car? Is it wrong to say that the 86-year-old Lasorda probably comes close to hitting a lot of people with his car everyday?

Auburn’s Gus Malzahn does the hurry-up at Talladega

NASCAR: NSTWFW (not safe to wear for work)

It’s a different kind of attire at Talladega