Djonald Sterling unchained … from the Clippers?

Team owner Donald Sterling is taking quite a deserved beating for his alleged conversation with his girlfriend and how she shouldn’t “broadcast” photos with minorities.

Hey, who hasn’t wanted to tell his girlfriend “please leave me alone …  PLEASE?” during an exhausting argument? But I digress.

Magic Johnson, the photographed minority in question, is now saying that Sterling should be forced to sell the team “or else.” If the Clippers are separated from Sterling, would anyone in Southern California be surprised if Henry Samueli, the owner of the Anaheim Ducks and huge basketball fan, 1) bought the team and 2) eventually moved it to Honda Center?

Samueli practically was inches away from removing the Kings from Sacramento before the NBA Board of Governors gave Sacramento one more chance. Samueli might want to seek out Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, who played a key role in blocking the deal, as an ally if he indeed wants to own the Clippers. In a statement from NBA Players’ Association president and Clippers guard Chris Paul (Oh, ironies everywhere!): “We have asked Mayor Kevin Johnson to expand his responsibilities with the NBPA, to determine our response and our next steps.”

However, the process of removing an owner from a team is FAR from easy. It took Major League Baseball years to finally force Marge Schott to sell her portion of the Cincinnati Reds. That’s the same Marge Schott who called Dave Parker and Eric Davis her “million-dollar (racial epithet … that starts with an N)” in 1993. After several suspensions and more idiotic statements, she didn’t agree to sell until 1999.

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